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Celebrities transformation before and after (steroids or natural?) The Rock, Will Smith and more.



  1. cherripcallahanv says:

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  2. Lucas Musil says:

    also stallone i forgot he was in there

  3. Lucas Musil says:

    the rock, zyzz and arnold are all users but i still love them all u still got to put in the hard work when using them. Its a choice so dont hate them cus they do

  4. Perrogordo66 says:

    dude please why did you write before and after in the wrong place in arnold’s pictures, the picture on the right is how he was, the left one is how he is now

  5. DirtyPenguin101 says:

    this video is stupid. arney in the before picture looks around 60, he looks 20-30 in his after picture. this video was made moron

  6. Patrick Greene says:

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  7. i think the rock and mark wahlberg did use steroids ;p they changed too fast nd the rock looks huge not normal xD
    srry for crappy english

  8. I am pretty sure mark wahlberg did not use sterois. He gets up every morning at 0400 to be at the gym at 0430 so he can get his workout in before taking his kids to school at 0830.

  9. Noel Recarte says:

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  10. LOL You got him Why they mad at you?

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  14. highflyer4 says:

    I think you got the before and after pics of Arnold mixed up lol.

  15. fitnessforlife365 says:

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  16. lee herbert says:

    This video is stupid I bet a fat kid made it

  17. overeem was on steroids lol

  18. at 1.24 the guy have no fucking abs they are painted

  19. at 50 second that is zyzz jajajaja.

  20. Cary Stewart says:

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  21. Most sports have regular checks, but there are dozens of different steroids all with different durations (some only remaining detectable for a couple weeks after you stop using them) and a pro trainer can easily keep an athlete juiced up and pissing clean since they know when the drug tests will be administered.

    They do regular drug testing in baseball, but they never caught many of the pro athletes that have now been revealed to have been regularly using steroids.

  22. Most of them probably took steroids, not because they had to but because whats the point in not taking them?

    Most of us dont do it, because its expensive, illegal and we dont know proper dosages or how to cycle them properly.

    But if yur a rich celeb and have a professional trainer offering to put you on a supervised cycle, basically removing all the downsides, why the hell not? i would.

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