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Chess News: US Chess Championship – Krush Interview!

Sign up for FREE online play at http://www.Chess.com IM Irina Krush talks about the first game of her 2013 US Women’s Championship title bid that she didn’t …


  1. what? women’s championship? this is chess! what difference can there possibly be between men & women in chess?

  2. Another side note: Irina is recently single. There seems to be some chemistry between her and Mike Klein.

  3. omg, ask her one question and she talks for hours!

  4. Yes. :)

  5. what

  6. nopackdrill says:

    surprised Irina isn’t GM, brilliant player, has some good wins over GMs spanning quite a few years, she’s been playing quality chess since she was a young girl, i really like her style, one of several women players i follow, thanks for the interview, it was a nice surprise to find in my subs, you should do more of these

  7. Who did Krush draw to? She seems TICKED!! Seems like she’s not happy unless she Krushes everyone. School girl krush on opponents ain’t happening. Poor Jorge trying to sway Irina into becoming a Catholic. – The summation of this video