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Chinese Pollution Reaches U.S. (CBS News)

Pollution in China has reached worrying heights. Sixteen of the world’s 20 most-polluted cities are in China, and pollution from China is reaching the U.S. B…


  1. China polluting the world??? Fuck you. The west has polluted the planet
    since the industrial revolution. The west is developed, and now it’s
    China’s turn, they blame China for world pollution???? Fucking hypocrites

  2. China is producing almost the same pollution with USA while their
    population is at least 5 times bigger, yet you see American media being
    categorical about China, lol.

  3. guiltytangent says:

    Chinese leaders are incompetent.

  4. Save the earth !! Say NO to made in China !! Not even small stuff.

  5. the air in the US is not as bad in China

  6. Denise Thorbjornsen says:

    Man has continued to destroy the earth for gain.God says he will destroy
    those who destroy the earth.Having food and clothing there with be
    content.Be content with your wages.Nobody seems to want to hear God
    anymore.Greed is everywhere.CEO’s who take millions of dollars instead of
    giving the workers reward for hard work.

  7. @1337mth1337 didn’t know u got one….congrats~~

  8. @planetcoco1 You’re wrong… Not only China pullute the world.

  9. Well, I guess Americans can’t complain about Chinese pollution anymore now
    that they are ones polluting the Gulf of Mexico. And the people running the
    oil drill are too stupid and cheap to fix the problem.

  10. See thats what I’m trying to get at its people. It doesn’t matter if its
    the government or the chinese. We as human beings of this modern world all
    need to relize what we do has an impact on the planet.

  11. US blames China for pollution? What a joke! US polluted the Earth for a
    whole century and still on par with China on emission today with a lot less
    population. hypocrite!

  12. Thank God for the pollution-without it our world would be a lot more
    overpopulated than it is now.

  13. CapnCrossbones says:

    Without China I can not buy a quality item without paying an American an
    arm and a leg. China saves me a lot of money everyday. My Guitar was made
    in China same quality as American built for half the price. How do I know
    it is the same quality? Because I tried them both! Why will I continue to
    support Chinese products? The products they provide me allow me to live a
    life with less struggle and more value for my dollar. Thank you China.
    Capitalism is what created the mess not the country.

  14. ltmikepowell says:

    @panarkas I found out increasingly, western media mostly has become gossip
    hunter rather than true news reporter. Whatever there’s a negative
    (non-western that is), they tend to sensationalize it with all their

  15. @1337mth1337 Inbred.

  16. Its not about that at all, thats just the media trying to appeal to its
    audience. its about the over all carbon foot print that nearly all human
    beings contribute too.

  17. shameless it’s like a robber got rich by robbing, then he blame other
    robbers I have to say if you wanna live without robbing, just share the
    money you robbed

  18. Matthew Carvalho says:

    @planetcoco1 thats not fair their still developing its like saying don’t
    buy american goods their polluting the world

  19. @1337mth1337 go fuck ur mom. End.

  20. @Chris8282 I’ve read enough books thanks. check out Amazon for books on ”
    Western Hypocrisy”.

  21. @planetcoco1 yeah that a good idea :]

  22. steal….copy….made in fucking china

  23. 哈哈,日本的辐射早已到达美国啦,,,这视频真是有幽默感,,,,

  24. its not about population size genius

  25. dont you mean to shore up foreign oil for their dirty human rights ignoring
    industrial system… lol respect…