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Supreme Court OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings

Supreme Court OKs Obama Impeachment Proceedings http://www.lasvegasnevadadui.com/ A bipartisan coalition has asked the supreme court to give their opinion on…
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  1. I notice a lot of you are confused by the video. Would it have been better
    if I had made a video that said, “wallstreet insiders give OK to start
    impeachment against Obama”?

    Understand that congressmen spend their days seeking support for various
    bills. Other than other house representatives and senators, congressmen
    SHOULD seek the OK of the supreme court, before proceeding. Without enough
    backing and consent, a bill won’t even make it to the floor.

    Now, I thought that making this video was pretty straightforward on just
    that point. It’s not about constitutional procedure. I was trying to expose
    something that was going on behind closed doors.

    Now, I know some of you have your own agenda to NOT impeach Obama, and you
    won’t admit that, even under interrogation. But, to go off on tangents of
    constitutional procedure vs an investigative reporting piece, is a bit
    underhanded on your parts.

    Impeachment against this president is underway. They are feeling around to
    know when the time is right. This is politics.

  2. Russell Voeller says:

    Amen brother. Finally some gets it. Thank u brother for the video. Thank u
    for waking up the people man. 

  3. Steven Tetro says:

    Well it’s 2-6-14 now and he is know closer.Why? everyone hates him and
    still there he is.Why? scumbag criminal killing liar peace of the stuff you
    scape off your shoe.

  4. Good video. People thought Obama was going to change American & clean
    house. Are you kidding!? He’s the same beast as the one before him. It’s
    all a game to these clowns, the dollar bill dictates our policies. Black
    people thought he was the 2nd coming but I tried to tell some of my black
    friends don’t fall for that shit. You will not prosper just because you
    share the same pigment as Ole Barry. Obama is not the puppet master, he’s
    the dangling puppet. He’s a liar like all the rest of them. These
    politicians & their Lies make me sick. How he was going to change the Bush
    doctrine, Yeah Right! He followed the party line & God help us. 

  5. Burgert Adriaan Potgieter says:

    Obama impeached by supreme court.

  6. Ken Johnson says:

    Don’t blame this idiot. Blame America’s education system. They either don’t
    educate, or teach some idiots like this just enough for him to believe a
    microphone makes what he says anything but crazy.

  7. lol

  8. Dale Dorsett says:

    I can’t hear what you are saying in this video. I have heard you before and
    appreciate your message.

  9. thepublictrust1776 dot org
    everyone just needs to do the research.
    I’ve subd.

  10. Bryce Powell says:

    LOL you’re an Idiot. If you can’t admit you got it wrong then you are

  11. Michael Cannon says:

    The “Bushes” were liberal Republicans, this is probably the worst thing
    they did!
    Clinton and Obama are the ones the socialist media protected and protects
    The only thing this guy is right about is Obama is for corporate America.
    Nixon was screwed because he tried to fight the media. He did it illegally
    and was caught. He tried to wiretap the DNC office in the Watergate
    building, no one accused him of anything else. Wake Up and learn the TRUE
    history, not the socialist BS your teachers and professors forced down your
    Gullible throats. Like Clinton did to a minor. Federal law considers a
    person under 25 to be a youth… Clinton had 2 or 3 rape cases going
    against him during his time in office, but the left wing media would not
    report on them. The media destroyed anyone who brought a charge against the
    Clintons. Now they won’t report on any of Obama’s impeachable
    offenses.(Same socialist Corruption) Obama, Biden, Hillary, Kerry, Pelosi,
    Reid,Feinstein, McCain, McConnell, Christie and all the other liberals, are
    self serving megalomaniacs. The DC leadership are anti-working people,
    anti-USA. WAKE UP Sheep… We are losing what millions of men, women and
    children fought and died for.

  12. Richard Whitenight says:

    I may not totally agree with everything you said in the video, but I find
    it a very professionally done with some good ideas. Also you have an
    excellent voice for broadcasting; you really should get into that.

  13. Are you people really all so stupid that you do not know how the
    Impeachment Process works? What a group of morons.

  14. Jill Dueringer says:

    At least Nixon realized what he did was wrong and resigned from office, and
    he only spied on political opponents. Obama is spying on EVERYONE, and hes’
    trying to defend it (while assassinating anyone with uavs’ that he thinks
    he is a dissident)

  15. Shaka your the Man…Your truth may hurt some at first, but if they wake,
    strength and conviction grows…action follows… but BarryO being another
    Nixon, don’t feel right?…I’m feeling like he Is the spawn of Hitler!

  16. latlanticcityphil says:

    The biggies problem with many of us black is that we are looking for god in
    man, instead of God Him self. 

  17. I like you.

  18. flufferstuff says:

    It’s unfortunate that our Supreme Court isn’t more transparent. I’d like to
    see their response to the impeachment of Obama listed on the website.

  19. robert boose says:

    rothchild own the media…

  20. Diane Menninga says:

    Also check out the google bardges that are being put all over the water
    areas of cities across America.

  21. cumofsomeyounguy says:

    “Obama is a professed Muslim…” Anyone can make assertions. If you want
    OTHER people to believe you, you must actually provide proof.

  22. Shakaama, you are right on! Why are so many people fooled by this

  23. they went away

  24. If obama is impeached who will convict him?????

  25. headlightguy says:

    they all work for the same being but little minds just cant grasp it unless
    you can see it ……the world is more that what we see with our eyes